Apartment Comments (good for momentum)

These are comments from friends of mine:

I like your tile work, especially around the window. Very cool idea. Looks good too. I like the chandelier. Pretty nifty. - Maureen (New Mexico)

Wow the apartment is really coming along. How different it looks. I like all the colors of the paint you picked. I like the color that looks like pumpkin and the color on top of it (the one that looks a little mauve) The pumpkin color is really pretty. But if you waht to go with the Moroccan theme those two colors wpuld be out in my opion. The pastel yellow is nice beause it is airy and bright. I would not pick the blues for the living room. I love the color of the bedroom its its a nice refreshing color. - Lisa (Staten Island)

I see you have made lots of progress! and lots of hard work. I like the color scheme; cannot wait to see it when it is all done.
- Ingrid (Long Island)

It looks as though you have done a good amount of renovations already and that must feel good. Hopefully most of it will be done in the Spring so you can start enjoy your apartment.I can't wait to see it. - Dominique (Morocco)

Andrea, I looked at the work you did at the house! My gosh! What a change, and what great taste you have! I love it! My favourite part is where you listed all the colours. What fun - and a lot of work! I can't wait to see it when it is done! - Claudia (Zurich)
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