the awakening

One of my new year's resolutions is to be bolder. Bold, as in becoming more courageous in my every day life; shedding the cautious coat I've been wearing and acting out my intentions however impulsive they may seem. I can remember a time (not so long ago) when I was so much more audacious--honestly, just ask any of my friends--I'm sure they have a story or two detailing some crazy antic or another. 

To be honest I'm not really sure when I opted to scale back. It's hard to imagine that I could just blindly climb on the wagon and chug along without a thought but when I think about how much time I've devoted to my career the last few years, it actually makes sense. I guess you could say I've had my own awakening (luckily with a much better outlook then Edna Pontellier's), and for me 2012 is all about reconnecting and recapturing that spirited version of myself. 

So what am I doing about it? I'm going out on my own, attending events solo (versus waiting for a friend to say yes). I'm smiling more and making a concerted effort to make eye contact. I'm laughing out loud, and paying it forward with random acts of kindness. That last one is an exercise in spreading moments of happiness. Just last week I bought my morning 12 oz of rocket fuel from the MUD truck on Astor Place, and instructed the barista to use my change (from a $10 bill) to pay for the next 3 coffees. Dumbstruck, the guy thought he heard me wrong asking me if he heard me right, as if he had been punk'd. I laughed and said yes, and just asked that they pay it forward. I walked away smiling, it was a great way to start the week. And you know, I might just do it again tomorrow. 

Today I had brunch at the bar at Sarabeth's Downtown. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about in the city. I'd spent the earlier part of the day with Chester Doverspike, hairstylist extraordinaire--and after a persuasive chat with his colleague Jean-Vincent I went short, or shorter than the norm. The hair is off my neck, and I now sport a bit of a dovetail. And JV was right, the cut together with my natural brunette makes my eyes pop. Sultry songstress indeed! 

One of the things I love about eating alone, especially at a bar (or in this case breakfast bar) is that the odds of meeting someone and striking up a conversation increases exponentially. Sarabeth's was a bit noisier than I would have liked but I did manage to share snippets of dialogue here and there, as well as eavesdrop on a conversational rhetoric about Nick Jonas' singing talents (or lack thereof from what I could gather). Halfway through my meal, two guys stood off to the left, speaking rather candidly about their lives (to each other, not me). One of them was crashing a brunch that the other was having with a female friend. He and I shared a glance or two, and I most certainly would have broached a conversation had they not been shown to their table. So I asked my server Dewey if he would send over a drink to the black-haired gent with my business card. It seems kind of crazy making a $12 investment (Whispering Angel Rose if you must know) on an unforeseen (and highly improbable) gesture, but boldness does not often
listen to the rational side of the mind (who
promises this will not become a habit).