The Desk Stops Here

A cluttered desk says so little and yet so much about a person. Try as I might I attempt to keep the surface area organized but some days I find it just as taxing as the line items on my to do list. To think that the desks here at 770 offer less space...it certainly doesn't seem that way. We've been at our space for just a week and my cube feels as if its been lived in for years...there are even Olympic ring coffee stains marring the counter top.

In a survey of what I can see, on the keyboard level of my desk:

a bamboo tree drinking water and turning yellow;
the newly crocheted scarf I received from a friend;
piles of paper with scribblings in ink and in lead;
Netflix movies to return;
my weekly calendar (as much as I try I cannot not write things down);
typed up to do lists to keep me on track;
newspaper articles with copy circled for use in presentations;
a neon clipboard with trade articles to review;
two water bottles half-filled;
a cactus stone garden (a welcome gift from the company when we moved);
an iPod idling on pause, earphones dangling off the desktop;
coupons and reminder postcards for doctor appointments;
a day's old worth of coffee (still smells good, tastes awful);
a pair of eyeglasses;
a jar full of pens, pencils, plastic utensils and scissors;
a purple mouse pad and wrist guard;
the Synonym Finder (one of the best writing resources); and
an HP printer.