Coloring the walls, ordering a couch

Apartment Update: I finally broke down and hired a painter (he also will be refinishing the floors, Steven is a recommendation from Carl the Contractor)...I finally picked our all the paint, so the color scheme is:

Semolina Gold/Rustica Brown in the Kitchen
Moroccan Red/White in the Entryway
Shaker Beige/White in the Living Room/mini hallway
Castleton Mist in the Bathroom
Blue Spa/White in the Bedroom
White in the closets.

I bought the paint from an azur-eyed guy at Atlas Paints in Bay Ridge...it's been a long while since anyone moved me to speechlessness. :)

Steven the painter will start at the end of the month; he says he will be done by Independence day. I cannot imagine it but perhaps yes. And I bought a couch...would you believe it's 1" too long for my hallway arch? I'm so in love with this couch (it was the first one I saw months and months ago when I started shopping) and that's after nearly 6 months of looking and sitting and stretching out on couches all over the city. I wish I had the sense to order it way back when, it won't be in until the end of the summer :(. Oh well, it's an abbreviated sofa/loveseat (appx. 71" long). The couch is called cloud and...I may be crazy but I bought the sky blue fabric (and the stain guard protection policy, lifetime guarantee c/o Jennifer Convertibles)...its a cocooning sofa with big pillows. and I was so nervous that it wouldn't fit thru the front entrance and doorway...as luck would have it the hallway entrance to the living room is a 1" short...so I have to pay an extra cpl of c notes to get an upholsterer to take it apart and put it back together in the apartment. Insane right? But I'm in love. And I cannot imagine starting from scratch again.

Phew, all I can say is thank god I have a new job, these final moments seem to be the most expensive. But it looks like most of everything will be done by early July :). Just in time for the soiree...

Tasks at hand:
Call the marble guy (Simon?) for the counter top
Call Adrian the electrician for last minute hook-ups
Locate a glass table for the kitchen, maybe a 36" square or 36x40/48 rectangle.
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