Mer cy Mercy Me....

I am so annoyed and cannot wait until these damn renovations are done. My contractor has finished everything but the kitchen sink (literally). I've been playing hide and seek with the granite guy, I don't know anything other than his name and cell # (Simon: 917-770-0672) and all I can say is DON'T CALL HIM. My contact who referred him did little to assist in the connection, all I can say about that is if you're not going to make sure we connect why bother? Grrr.

My next steps since that utter disappointment is to start calling and emailing other granite distributors to see if I can find slabs at a discount cost. So far, the least expensive amount including installation is $1500. My friend Lisa mentioned (awhile ago) a guy in Sunset Park who sells remnant slabs, need to find out the exact location for him. If anyone has any leads please let me know.

The electrician is still missing in action.

And the final straw? My new painter/refinisher makes a point of reiterating that he will be in-house at 2pm on Wednesday; he must have reminded me a gazillion times on Monday evening. Not only does he NOT show but doesn't call to tell my father or I that he's not coming; and that's after asking me for all the phone #'s. The NERVE, I left an irate message, and duly so.

Why am I at the mercy of these discourteous people? What the hell is going on?
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