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I am so behind in my posts it's pathetic. I have good intentions and write drafts on post-its to spur my memory of things to report on and then I misplace the post-it!

The last week and a half has been jam-packed with social obligations and as of late, some much needed sleep. My friend Sharon was in for the soiree from San Francisco, we kicked off the weekend with a late show at Spiegelworld's (yes another show at this venue!) La Vie. Angela joined us for the 2-hour feat of acrobatic proportions performed by former Cirque du Soleil troupe members loosely themed around the 7 deadly sins and limbo/purgatory. It was totally intense.

Sharon was everso helpful in decorating the apartment (it's finally done!) and backyard for the soiree. We had a stellar turnout this year as we celebrated summer and Bastille Day--the French posse made an appearance, the dark n'stormy beverages (Bermudian ginger beer and rum) were a hit until we ran out of ginger beer (I only bought a 1/2 case, who knew?) and new people met alumni who remingled with one another. A good time was had by all and lasted until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

It was a full house of sleepers at the house: Sharon, Kristin, Bill, Paula & I (plus Dad in his wing of the homestead...LOL!). Brunch a la Andrea and a very appreciated shout out to Bill & Paula for building out my bed frame, one step closer to planting myself downstairs in the garden apartment. We took a ride out to Riis Park for a mid-afternoon swim (the water was warm and wavy), and naps...it was lovely though very sandy, the wind was ferocious. Afterwards we ventured to Coney Island for a Nathan's hot dog frenzy with cheese fries and Sharon, Bill & Kristin fulfilled their goal of riding the infamous Cyclone.

Back to work on Monday...a bit of a drag, seeing as I was working with minimal hours of sleep. It didn't help that we were out late Tuesday night as well...For Sharon's last night in the city we attended Paradou's Dirty Bingo dinner event (the 3rd Tuesday of every month), with a front and center table the (5) of us: Sharon, Emily, Kristin, Paula & I drank champagne and noshed on cheese, cold cut platter, brick chicken and a decadent beet and goat cheese tart. Lucky Ms. Rose won her very own XXX (it's an X-rated event, did you think I would really tell you the prizes???); we were excited to have a winner we gleefully ordered another round of champagne. I missed out on winning an orchid so the bartender Ben served up an extra super sized champagne rouge (with mashed strawberries)...With all that bubbly running through my veins is it any wonder the sappy gal in me declared my love for all friends present. Lucky for me the ladies made sure I was served only water, at the next two watering holes: Son of Cubano & Lansdowne or I would have suffered miserably Wednesday morning.

And so it goes, the rest of the week was fairly low key and included cleaning up remnants from the soiree while catching up on sleep.

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