Whirlwind Saturday

This weekend, a perfect example of Indian summer would have been perfect for swimming and yet I was off and about. I attended a Meditation Seminar in the morning, it was your basic meditation 101 and taught techniques on how to silence the active mind in order to create harmony within oneself. It was surprisingly uplifting.

I went to visit Pip & Rich in Woodhaven. Pip and I used to work together for a dotcom startup in Carroll Gardens; it folded in late 2001 after declaring bankruptcy and stiffing most of the employees. Today is Pip's birthday, and I'll get to meet her son, Dougie and daughter Rose for the first time. I remember visiting Pip at the Bluestone Bar Grill on Columbia Street where she was a bartender. And if I'm not mistaken the last time we saw one another was at her baby shower (for Doug) at the Iona bar in Williamsburg. That was nearly (4) years ago!

Me & Pip [insert photo here]

Met Angela for a light dinner at Nelson Blue (review: http://www.nypost.com/seven/04252007/entertainment/food/full_front_al_food_food_cynthia_kilian.htm) a New Zealand bar & restaurant down in the South Street Seaport. The establishment is managed by the dearest kiwi and sky jumper, Paulie, a former bartender from our favorite haunt, Puck Fair. Nelson Blue is cozy and light, it reminds me of something you might find in San Francisco. The walls are decorated with Maorian tribal art and the bar hosts locals and tourists alike.

(insert photo w/ Paulie)

Angela and I went to see Absinthe, the 2nd act of the Spiegelworld's summer performance schedule of burlesque acrobatics and sideshows. I would highly recommend this performance; it's like nothing else I've ever seen and I would imagine there are few cities where you could find something as different as this to do on a Saturday night.

(insert photo of Angela & I by the water)
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