A September Weekend (9/21-22/07)

Why is it nearly every time one goes to the dentist we have a rude awakening about the state of our teeth? I have a periodontal pocket (the gum tissue of a back tooth is deteriorating), no crunchy, sticky, hot food for a week and I get a fancy toothbrush to clean the "hole"...man getting old is tough!

Mary & I drove up to see Liz in Pleasantville this afternoon. The initial plan was for apple picking and strolling farmer's markets but the driving rain limited the possibilities. After a delicious lunch of grilled pizza (must get the recipe from Liz), we visited Liz's haunts in downtown Pleasantville. We stopped by a 'one-of-a-kind' vintage boutique and thanks to Mary's sharp eye I found a bar mirror for the foyer entrance. The mirror is constructed of wood from turn of the century barn materials, and spindles.

I'll be sure to post a photo of it inside the apartment....
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