05.16.08: Athens

The Electra Palace is amazing; a small boutique hotel in the middle of the Plaka our room has an unobstructed view of the Acropolis. George, the lovely man at the front desk/concierge, recommended a fantabulous restaurant in the seaside district of Mikrolimano.

Zorbas main dining room is located right on the water--our table overlooks the harbor, one wrong slip and splish-splash. Mussels, seafood marinara and a fish soup followed by dessert (the best baklava ever!); Kristin had a glass of ouzo. We caught a cab back to the city and have decided that the level of testosterone in Athens surpasses that of any other city we have visited. There’s something about Greece and Greek men that made us embrace our personal femininity and flaunt it to our heart’s content. If only we had one stayed longer to test the pheromones in the air…
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