05.19.08: Bodrum, Turkey

Next stop: Bodrum, Turkey

A voucher for a prison breakfast: a dab of Greek yogurt, plain (no walnuts or honey), a bowl of corn flakes with milk, and an apple. Coffee was extra. What a disappointment, ours was minimal compared to other guests who waited to no avail for a piece of toast.

Upon arrival into Bodrum there is a welcoming committee perhaps to celebrate the national holiday, Youth & Sports Day. DJs blare music at 10AM, as young girls belly dance toward us with postcards and evil eye key chains. Much to our dismay (as we find out later) our trek up Ataturk Street and through the residential streets is the LONG way into town; we wind our way through dusty streets, construction sites and meager fruit stands wishing had learned more Turkish, as hardly any one speaks English.

Thank goodness we read up on Bodrum at an Internet café in Kalmynos. The currency (not the Euro) is the Lira, and has more zeroes than we can think of. Over a cappuccino at Fobar, a minimalistic modern club on the water, we opt to stick with plastic on any shopping excursions. Bodrum is a good place to shop, we picked up the majority of our gifts here, along with some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Sun and beer outside The Red Lion on the strip; we head back to the boat for a nap (luckily finding the shorter seaside route).
Dinner at Kortan a fresh seafood restaurant on the water was decadent—no menu was offered only freshly prepared appetizers, entrees and dessert to choose from on a tray. We had octopus, shrimp, fresh vegetable kebabs with swordfish and lamb and then strawberries and cream. We had an uninvited guest join us for dinner, or at least try to: Percy was a very persistent cat (see the photos for proof).
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