05.27.08: Lido Arenella

Our Last Day in Sicily

Our final day in Sicily…and we’ve decided after a brioche con mandorla we will go the beach and vegetate, hopefully swim for a bit before meeting with Anna to go shopping. The lido is lovely, and I know we are cursing ourselves for not spending the entire two days here instead of in that blasted car lost amid the city streets. But such is life and at least we have one day to relax before traveling back to the States.

And so it goes, lounging, girl talk, sleeping, reading, swimming, laughing at Gianluca and the other cabana boy lifeguards in white speedos flirting with the young ladies on the beach. Right out of The Flamingo Kid.

We meet Anna at McDonald’s (yes Virginia, they are everywhere), switch cars (grazie Dio) and go shopping. Kristin purchased a beautiful red patent leather bag in Ortygia yesterday; Claudia wanted shoes and I was undecided hoping to be inspired. We all hit jackpot. Claudia got two pair of shoes and I bought a new swimsuit at Calzedonia. An orange and white bikini with a coral reef beaded motif, the matching tunic cover up a Moroccan shift embroidered with orange, reminded me of a dress I once bought at Scoop. Anna brought us to an organic fragrance and beauty shop owned by Tony’s niece, and gifted me with a tea and wine infused perfume that has become one of my favorites.

Back to the car and then to Anna’s for dinner where Bartolo was designated chef du jour. Manuela lucked out with Bartolo, a cook who actively takes part in raising his children; he painted their bedroom murals, goes fishing before work and works as salesman/designer for his father’s furniture store. He also rides a badass motorcycle. A good strong man with a sense of values who provides for his family: he’s from Sicily ladies, Sicily; and unfortunately he’s one of a kind. Dinner is spaghetti with an oil, parsley, garlic and breadcrumb concoction that Bartolo and Anna have created. Of course, it’s delicious. One more round of conversation, group photos, kisses and hugs and see you again soon rather than goodbyes.
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