06.16.08 ... a melancholic monday

Self-preservation requires one preserve, protect and survive with self, intact. An entrepreneur’s guide to life applied to corporate America. That would make a great title if only there was energy to write the words. It’s a challenge to live them, a frustrating one at that.

When we were in Greece it was easy allow the world that we know (and once loved unconditionally) live in the very distant reality, white noise to our background music. Back in the trebles of the city letting go is much more difficult…the vision, the sight while at times sharper/keener objects once closer are now fuzzy, the others slightly less so, more crisp, still foreign.

Melancholy Monday…is it a Monday in general or this Monday in particular. Is it the sudden change in weather or something less specific that has me spinning towards a less than happy mood, perhaps a good comedy will laugh those tears away.
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