Pazza Notte and the Strangers....

Keri and I met for drinks and a light dinner at Pazza Notte, can’t beat the 2 for 1 Martinis from 5pm – close. It was a treat to catch up on all the things going on in her life before mingling with ‘strangers’. She absolutely loves her new job at Interactive One. Last night they celebrated the publication of the June issue of Giant featuring Kimora Lee on the cover. (Ah the glory days of magazine parties.)

We arranged to meet Jack at quarter past eight (and of course we were late—island time sans watch is so much more appealing) at The Terrace Club where Jo hosted a Stranger Party. Each guest had to bring someone new to the mix (men bring a new single woman; women bring a new single male). Jack and Ray, who was had to cancel to chase bad guys in Atlantic City, were our strangers (aka un-dates).

I have to say despite slight reservations, the evening was a lovely way to spend a Friday evening. The crowd was pleasant and inviting, genuinely interested in getting to know one another through conversation. I’m happy to say I made some new friends (all of whom have been extended an invitation to the soiree, save the date 7/26/08).
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