irene please be gentle...

11:30 PM

sometimes my dad makes me nervous. i just went to check in on him and he asked me if it was time to eat. it's nearly midnight for crying out loud, and though it's true that i bought food for the both of us hours ago, I certainly didn't expect him to wait until I appeared to eat it. How is it that his hunger pains didn't alert him to pause the black and white movie he'd been watching to eat long enough to eat something. So now at 11:41pm that's what he's doing, dining on fish salad and a glass of chilled white wine. Crazy Italian.

12:30 AM

The wind is fierce; the chimes are in a fury...didn't think to take them in. I am grateful that the Grinch tree is gone...there is no doubt in my mind that it could have been ripped out of the earth and used as a baton by this storm. I don't know why but one of my neighbors is outside, finagling with his car, in the wind and the rain. The thought of going outside is exhausting.

I am tired, my body's pent up with stress from anticipating Irene's wrath. Certainly doesn't help, and it turns out that active threads of a tornado (as Mon Frite predicted) have emerged too. Actually Emily is in Philly anticipating the tornado from her FB post: "Philly's under a warning--unconfirmed touchdown about 3 miles southeast of my house!" She's been debating between floors where to stay until it passes over, and was holed up in the stone basement with an Angel cat, flashlight and glass of wine. I pray she stays safe.

I swear if it weren't for Facebook I think we would all be bored senseless with worry about each other. At least we can somewhat brace ourselves with what's to come based on each others stories. Little comfort I realize but it is something.

I am nervous about sleeping. Closing my eyes and waiting seems like a foolish gesture, and yet there is not much I will be able to do if I am just as exhausted in the morning. Whatever sleep I can get with all this crazy wind noise--it is a frightening bellow too, like something out of a horror movie--will have to do. And Lord knows I'll be saying a little prayer for everyone before my eyes close shut, prayers that we wake up to a blissful simple rainstorm, and nothing else.

Sleep well all, Irene I beg of you, please be gentle.
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