On Writing... (Fibonacci Exercise)

Anywhere really.
Where you begin,
is irrelevant, as long as
you begin. Long hand, short hand, typing hand
whatever tool you choose. long as you get those words down on paper….
The paper can be a screen, it can be a bar napkin for all I care: just write.
I don’t know how to be clearer, any more direct than to tell you what I’m saying right now, just write.
It sounds hard but if it’s something you are passionate about, a topic that gets a hold of you, and under your skin, the words will just flow like a butterfly in your vein.
The biggest challenge for writers is keeping the faith. There are so many people out there, hustling, self-publishing, making money from formulaic plots to plagiarizing one-hit wonders. Keep your eye on the prize: the satisfaction that you get from the discipline of putting pen to paper, fingertips to keys. It’s all about the writing, man.
Hey now, it’s easy to give up the fight before you’ve even prepared for battle, but we’re talking about your livelihood, the essence of you. Certainly that’s worth the effort, the time, isn’t it?
Go on, grab your laptop, iPod, ear buds, whatever. Don’t forget some pen and paper, for mindmapping a storyline or two.
Settle in, get yourself comfortable, and just start writing. Everything else will flow.
Don’t be discouraged, forge ahead type it out.
You won’t have any regrets.
Keep your focus,
on writing...
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