Weigh in, oh my!

For the first time in a LONG time I got a comeuppance. If you spend enough time in a pool of laziness and gluttony, it does catch up with you. Sort of like when you realize missing yoga every week and eating all that pizza actually hurts your middling--and then you weigh yourself and there's an extra 15lbs worth of it. I can feel it too, in the spaces I shouldn't, the places where extra padding makes everything too too. so new leaf, new healthy regime, starting with better eating habits, more exercise. Less gluttony, a much better me. And no regrets, but yes I do regret eating that extra large double chocolate chop brownie right now.  

The next day I nearly lost my stomach in a chaotic adventure -- the resolution being that if I never ride a g-force induced amusement again it will not be too soon. To think I was most worried about roller coasters, when in reality anything with any kind of plunging airborne flight from any height was uncontrollably uncomfortable and alas, a newfound trigger for my migraines. As if I needed another one; but at least this is an easily recognized and avoidable one.

This morning I had my BMI screening -- which of course I forgot about and didn't fast as I had intended. My weight is manageable for my height, proportioned. And I'm still 5'8", no shrinking yet. The nurse did warn me that in order to activate my good cholesterol I have to exercise more. An incoming message worth receiving for once. 
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