Enchanted in Enfield

12am, 10.29

I've recently started watching Once Upon a Time, the ABC series that tells the story of characters taken from our most beloved fairy tales and transported to the "real world" by a powerful curse cast by an evil witch. The characters now live in Storybrooke, an enchanted seaside town in Maine. I've not been to the  furthest Eastern state but I find myself entirely bewitched by a Southern one. 

Enfield, North Carolina is a sleepy town on the verge of an awakening. Established in 1740, it's the oldest town in Halifax County, a town with a population of about 2000, agriculturally known for its tobacco and most recently peanut markets. Friends Suzanne & Wayne Anderson ventured down to NC several years ago to fulfill their dream of owning a bed & breakfast. The Manor at Bellamy Gardens is heaven on earth, especially for a city girl. There are five guest rooms, decorated in rich tapestry colors, and with an empty register on arrival we had the pleasure of choosing our favorites.  Claudia chose the Chinoiserie room with its deep reds and jacuzzi. I chose Vieuz Carre, transported to my own piece of Versailles.  

Six o'clock tea and whiskey time in the salon, where we were joined by neighbors Ronnie and Gail, and Suzanne's sister Martha, another transplant from up North. Dinner a few hours later was hosted by  Myra and Andrew, owners of the The Lodge at Roanoke Valley where we had the pleasure of dining on the most delicious Brazilian moqueca (fish) stew. The hospitality and kindess of friends was a wonderful start to our holiday.

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