day by day india: this is goa

Indigo Air is a campier version of Jet Blue Its pleasant staff energetic and fun. The in-flight meal packages are equally entertaining, sold in reusable containers and tins with inspirational advertorials about how to obtain inner peace whilst in the air and what foods to eat if you are in need of a little confidence. Before I can even settle in for a nap, the pilot announces that we are preparing for arrival in Goa. In just under an hour we're in a sunnier space with the sea air wafting its way around the tarmac.

We gather our baggage from the roulette baggage carousel and then hire a taxi.  

Soon our party of five  is bound for Benaulim in South Goa, stopping once to gather provisions from a local market.

Ramani's close friends Sabrina and Param have graciously offered the use of their summer home for our time in Goa.  We arrive at Zen Gardens, where a lovely row of mint green townhouses form a courtyard around a pool and patio.  We take a moment to settle in, unpack and then change into swimsuits, pile into the car toward the beach. Late afternoon, the sun is making its way toward setting itself on the horizon as we climb the dunes and make our way past the Domnick seaside shack and toward the sea.

The sea does not match that which I've imagined. It is not crystalline blue like the wallpaper I've downloaded from the web but a sea green like the Atlantic in Far Rockaway, foamy waves breaking the shoreline. The only difference is water temperature, here the Arabian is warm and inviting in mid-May refreshing to the touch.

Swimming under a twilight sky is as peaceful and magical as you can imagine.

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