May Rolls in Like a Bull

Ah May, sweet sunny May waking to a birthday serenade. Today is Dad's 82nd birthday; it's also Katie's, my dad's grandniece birthday, she turns 10. She called long distance from VA and together they sang Happy Birthday. That was a treat for Dad and a great way to start the day. Kristin & Sharyl each called to wish him a happy birthday and then we celebrated with chocolate cupcakes from Chelsea's famed Billy's Bakery (www.billysbakerynyc.com) for breakfast. Later in the day, my brother and the kids called leaving a cheerful message of good wishes on the answering machine.

2007 has been a good year so far, filled with lots of change...after 4 years I exchanged one set of intials for another and find myself back in the land of online media and loving it. I get to write and edit content all day long. It's an amazing feeling when your work is innate, something you love. All that effort (for the job search) and endurance (nearly 6 months worth of looking) finally paid off. I couldn't be happier.

In the few weeks before starting my new job I concentrated on the apartment but also stole a few days for a quick jaunt to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Two friends of mine, Emily & Tina accompanied me...it was the most relaxing and fun vacation I've had in a long time. Sleep. Eat. Beach. was my mantra. Dinner at Parrot Cay and Dragonfly; Corona and Smirnoff Ice. We stumbled upon a branch of Luquillo Beach
reserved for surfers that was absolute paradise. There we met a glass blower who made jellyfish and turtle pendants...I'll have to post a photo of the turtle at a later date.

The summer is nearly here (finally!)...the weather has been sporadic...but there are lots of fun things in store this summer: Dominique is back from Morocco, Lori & Alex's baby arrives; Ingrid & Stu's overdue wedding reception; there's the 5th Annual Moonlight Soiree, Uncle Dom's 80th Birthday and Charlotte turns 2; Steph & John's Wedding in Montauk...the big 3-6 come October.
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