The Painter Revisited

Apparently he showed up at 6pm last night...Dad said he was apologetic for missing his appointment time and I later found out that he had issues with the saw and tiles blah blah blah whatever. I'm so over this renovation. I wonder if everyone feels this way near the end. Oh well..anyway the rooms should be painted by tomorrow and then he starts refinishing the floor.

What a relief, things are finally coming together...I'll have to pull out the tools to start building my bed (a high platform frame from West Elm) and figure out how to move the furniture downstairs...hmm, any volunteers? Free dinner if you do...


Then I can start decorating! I'll have to check on the delivery date of the couch, maybe it will come earlier than August. That would be awesome...so a housewarming at end of summer is not entirely off the wall.

Sigh of relief.
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