Beach Musings

It has been such a LONG time since I've shared a day with myself thinking, reflecting, dreaming, in silent reverie (a bit of a cliche no?), dozing with just the sun and me. By the time I woke up in a sea of sleep, the cacophony of russian voices nearby, I had been at Riis close to (4) hours. I hadn't meant to stay so late, and without a thought I started to pack up, sand with my sheet and books. Silly really now that I think about it to so quickly relinquish my rites to the beach until next weekend.

A final walk to the water's edge changed my mind, the ocean of this afternoon had disappeared, gone were the whitecaps and tipping tides, replaced with a calmer creature lulling itself to sleep. I abandoned any thought of leaving and instead walked into the refreshing coolness of the Atlanic.
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