Sunday July 22nd...

Tonight is the first night I will be sleeping in the apartment :)

This morning Richie helped move the mattress from my old bedroom on the 3rd floor to the garden apartment. Thank goodness he arrived when he did...I was attempting to move it myself and got wedged on the landing of the staircase! The bed takes up most of the room, and is catty-cornered with a clear view of the doorway.

This is called "the king's position" and is linked to a Feng Shui article I read (http://horoscopes.aol.com/fengshui/feng-shui-bedroom). The theory is that when you lay in bed you should be able to see the flow of energy entering your bedroom, whether in a tangible person or animal or as part of a dream. This increases your chances of embracing new opportunities in every facet of your life.

In the Apartment Therapy book there is a chapter dedicated to the flow of your apartment, this is still a work in progress (I'm still waiting on the delivery of my couch and moving a bookcase, too) for me but I like the layout of things so far. I've also decided not to purchase any other pieces until the remaining deliveries have arrived.
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