Monday Night on the Town

The evening started with a light dinner at the bar at Pianos (www.pianosnyc.com/), very low-key the best way to start just about anything. We walked next door to Cake Shop (www.cake-shop.com) where I was introduced to a group of Rob's friends--Jamie & Dana, Maria and Callie the stars of Drunky Brewster, the performance group we had come to see. Drunky Brewster (drunkybrewster.com/) started with Maria, when she moved to NYC from Pittsburgh. The show was in the venue basement, a black graffiti-walled staircase led to the event space. The club emitted a stale locker room smell, it reminded me of when Kristin and I saw Justin’s band at The Knitting Factory (Did you know you can now book tickets to TKF via text message?). The layout included: soundman to the right, wet bar to the left and the stage straight ahead. The stage had a low ceiling covered in white Christmas lights. Drunky Brewster, prepping for their dual performance with Mixel Pixel (www.mixelpixel.com/), drank cans of what looked like Colt 45 (remember it was dark) and shots of Strong & Girly (basically an alcoholic mixture of whatever the bartender deemed strong & girly).

The performance began…Maria & Callie in their modern day flapper ensembles, gold lame boots, red and blue make-up and those lashes…I wish I knew how to wear fake eyelashes. Together with Mixel Pixel—a guy dressed in white with a Barney Rubble fur toga and a miner’s light on his head, the woman of Asian descent wore a full anime-inspired costume (or outfit?)—they crooned and shrieked and had an overall good time on stage. That is until halfway through the 2nd song, when a member of the audience lit a bottle rocket firecracker in the very enclosed space and set off the fire alarm. Within seconds the entire downstairs area is covered in a smoky haze. Within minutes, a beam of light extended by a team of (4) firefighters appears. Their show didn’t last much longer than that. We ended up staying for the next performance from the band The Show is the Rainbow (http://www.myspace.com/theshowistherainbow), hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. They were surprisingly good, featuring a mix of new wave/alternative music the likes of early New Order.
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