Holy Tuesday...it was a Mardi Gras

Paradou, a French restaurant in the meatpacking district hosts a blow-out Dirty Bingo event the first Tuesday of every month. Yesterday's was a special edition in honor of Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras.

The Fantastic Five* adorned with our most festive feathered and bejeweled masks were seated front and center for dinner, dessert, sipping Champagne cocktails galore. The divalicious hostess, a trannie with the most bodacious hair any girl would die for, was accompanied by Wild Will, the Latin stripper for the evening. The Fantastic Five agreed that although hot to trot and ripped, Will lacked a bit of height and biceps to match our tastes.

Our table must have been enchanted...as two of the fantastic five went home with fab gift baskets from high-end shops like Babeland & Kiki Montparnasse. Winners had to scream DIRTY BINGO (like bitches in heat), spin around and curtsy before charging forward to collect the prize and remove a layer of Will's wardrobe (every other winner had to use their teeth ;).

The evening ended with Will performing lap dances at each table, he seemed to spend an extra long time at ours...smitten with the two ladies in the front.

Until next time...

*Names have been omitted for the sake of secrecy--we all need a little :)
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