Monday is a Monday

peppers and onions, sliced thin sauteed in olive oil with bliss potatoes mozzarella & eggs--all the ingredients for a perfect omelette unless of course your skillet burns the skin off the bottom of everything and your oven refuses to light. the entire kitchen looks like a San Francisco morning except it smells like burnt garbage. sensory overload. it's nearly 10:30 and I'm starving, my mismatched fork and I are picking out the the less charred remnants of the red peppers trying to make sense of it but I guess Monday is a Monday all the way through.

I feel like I am caught in the path of an unfurling butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. the giants win the super bowl, super tuesday is upon us (I'm really crossing my fingers for Barack) and the industry news about Microsoft/Yahoo! and Google's offered alliance.
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