Q to the Rescue

I had forgotten the utter joy i experience from penning a post or two on this blog. You certainly wouldn't think that with the lengthy hiatus. But when I think of all the time I've wasted doing (what does that mean anyway) the most mundane things (filing, ripping out articles I never actually read, Internet word games) its frightening... all that time I could have been typing away, carving out stories from the real and the non-real realities I experience everyday...I guess I have to add a bloody (there's something about this Britishism that I love) addition to the New Year's Resolutions--some of which are actually sticking not quite like crazy glue more like the blue gummy stuff used to hang posters. Julian (Sharyl's son) calls it magical, the blue stuff, maybe its a blessing in disguise. Sort of like Q sending out an email to read her captured thoughts on the AWP conference she's attending in NYC this week. One thing leads to another....
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