slightly unnerving

we once shared a parallel time my dad and I, as of late (since moving downstairs) i don't see him in 24 hour intervals, sometimes not in days...we have carved out a routine of time to visit with one another, or rather I carve out time to visit him (when i get home early enough to detox, in anticipation on thursday night for viewings of LOST, sunday morning breakfasts).

but that absence, any absence so it seems, clearly defines the trivial changes in his day to day. a heavier breath as if he has a cold and is breathing through one nostril, the messy wind blown hair revealing a balder spot than before, his hands and fingers the lines multiplying. even our discussions on politics and the news have slowed down as if catching up to his body.

i'd grown accustomed to his voice, my great debater...I didn't think this would be then, here, witnessing a reverse metamorphosis toward a cocoon.
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