05.21.08: Paros, Greece

The Halfway Point: Paros, Greece

Our arrival in Paros was scheduled for 2pm so we decided to sleep in, only to be disturbed by housekeeping twice! Our vouchered lunch (and last attempt at a meal on the boat) was a challenge, it took nearly 25 minute to flag someone down to take our order.

We strolled Parikia on cobblestone streets and stumbled upon Ekatontapyliani, a church that has 100 doors and windows, 99 of which have been accounted for. Legend has it that once the 100th door is found, Constantinople (aka Istanbul) will be returned to Greece.

Afterwards, we searched in vain for the Paros tourism office and then again for the water taxi to Krios beach, finally opting (this time by choice) to take the scenic route over hill and dale to the beach. What a trek, straight out of The Sound of Music Kristin and I plowed over the rocky landscape and down a steep hill to what looked like a beach. It was far from memorable, the water was stone cold, the beach dirty (this was a first for us since arriving in Greece).

That evening we strolled the east side of Parikia on cobblestone streets, past storefronts, lit windows and boutiques, stray kittens and puppies galore before dining at Levantis.
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