05.22.08: Mykonos, Greece

Party Island: Mykonos, Greece

I am only now recovering from this island (written early afternoon on 5/23). If you are looking for an island with nightlife this is it.

The island itself is quite picturesque and it is no wonder photographers flock here. Upon disembarking from the boat, just a short distance away from the tourism office good luck getting service, people were downright rude!), Petros the pelican and his brethren descendants of the original Petros, mascot of the island. Nearby the famed Panagia Paraportiani church leads you to the streets of Little Venice, the artist/shopping district. Here we meet Peter from Chicago who has taken up residence to be closer to his son and now manages jewelry shop La Maglia.

Wandering through the Alefkandra district, past the four windmills in Kostra we make our way back to the center of town hoping to catch a taxi to Paradise beach. Taxis are few and far between so we walk searching for the bus depot rather aimlessly in the maze of streets and alleyways.

Paradise Beach…compared to the beaches we had seen thus far, it was hardly a paradise let alone a beach. It reminded me of Cancun, with the side-by-side beach bars each playing their own version of dance/house music to the sunbathers under the palapas. There were so many sun beds and umbrellas that it was hard to find a spot where the sun continuously shone. Without the sun, the beach itself was chilly; and according to Kristin the water was cold. I took her word for it and didn’t even venture to dip my feet.

We left just in time to catch the sunset over the windmills: the most beautiful one thus far.

easyCruise was unable to dock in Mykonos port, in the morning that meant we had to take tender boats to the shore. They received clearance to dock in a town 4km north of Mykonos, which meant we had to take a taxi back. And if we wanted to dine in Mykonos that night, we would have to register for a shuttle.

Kristin worn out from the sun opted to stay in and rest. I ventured out on my own with a book to read over dinner (ala Eat Pray Love). Dinner alone at Kosta, a taverna we had passed earlier in the day, included stuffed tomatoes and wine. Two women at a neighboring table invited me to join them as I finished my wine. Karen (AUS) and Kristel (UK) were celebrating the last night of their vacation with plans to paint the town red. They invited me to come along and off we went in search of (sense a pattern here in Mykonos?) the Skandinavian Bar.

Thanks in part to a Mykonosian (?) who escorted us to the bar, we arrived safely and delivered in good hands to Mick the bar’s promoter who directed us to the main area. There the bartender, Angelo, fixed us up with a round of free shots. We partied like rock stars until the wee hours of the morning.
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