05.23.08: Syros, Greece

Last port of call: Syros, Greece

Luckily for us Syros was a sleepy island; we each visited the island solo, while the other slept.

On my late afternoon jaunt I stumbled upon a local swimming hole, located in the northern part of Ermoupoli. Locals dove off a concrete pier into the translucent sea. I dangled my legs over the side to get my feet wet, only to be splashed by the surf from a passing speedboat.

Later that evening we made our rounds in the center of town window-shopping. We discovered a glass artisans’ boutique, Ioanna Tanaeanh and her brother, selling her original creations, most noted for the Tree of Life etched in the bottom of her bowls and pomegranate magnets. A quick (and expensive) bowl of fish soup later we boarded the boat for the cruise back to Athens.

easyCruise’s resident DJ played tunes from the 70s and 80s as most everyone danced themselves silly (including Kristin and I) led by Dale & Terry a couple we met earlier in the trip from San Jose.
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