2012: It's a zoo out there

On our last day in Memphis, the temperature dropping to a low 50 degrees we find ourselves at Overton Park admiring the obelisk that marks the entryway to the Memphis Zoo & Aquarium.  The sun high, parking free and admission reduced, we eagerly make our way to the entry like a pair of 7-year olds.

The first of our 2012 resolutions take shape: Embrace our inner child. And what better way to kick it off then with a magical visiting to the zoo? We giddily make our way through the maze of cat houses and polar bear pools, in awe and wonderment over nature's wild side, in this city safari.

Highlights below:

Feeding time with the African penguins

The elusive mountain lion

The elegant cheetah

Meerkats - too cold to 'move it'!

Simiang swings from rope to rope

Panda noshing on bamboo

Panda resting post-NYE fun

Closest creature to a unicorn we'll ever see

Gotta love them stripes!


Playful giraffes :)

Sage monkey contemplates life

Cutest simian ever!

Silverback gorilla takes charge.

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