The average person takes 7 minutes to fall asleep...apparently I am the non-average person, as I am finding it extremely difficult to catch some Z's. It is 1 a.m. and my mind is on fire with musical notes and lyrics; concepts and ideas of resolutions to make and to keep; thoughts on where I live now and where I should live later. Visions of musical staffs, wooden floors in lofts, views of the ocean from a balcony, a glass of sweet tea beside a rocking chair play out in my mind like a flipbook.

Tigger is at the foot of the bed, purring in his sleep. The house is quiet. And hot. I place a bowl of cool water on the radiator and turn on the fan. 33 degrees outside, but not within.  I read passages from extremely loud and incredibly close, my eyes grow weary and I put the book aside only to stare at the ceiling in the dark.

With a glance at the clock a new set of lyrics, this time from Anna Nalick start dancing around in my brain:

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake, 
can you help me unravel my latest mistake?
I don't love him. 
Winter just wasn't my season.

I wonder what has caused this sudden bout of insomnia. I had but one cup of coffee at noon, and no caffeine that I am aware of since. I spent the rest of the day cooking, making dinner and lunch for tomorrow, Might it have been the late afternoon 10-minute snippets of sleep as the pork roasted that did it? 

The evening ended with watching Nicholas Sparks' A Walk to Remember and my shedding silly amounts of tears as the protagonist (played by Mandy Moore) succumbed to leukemia. I had brewed my favorite natural sleep remedy to help lull the mind to slumber...I wonder if I used something other than chamomile? Sigh.

At least I've kept to resolution #2, writing more, more often, 2 days in a row. I would have preferred the inspiration didn't come with sleep deprivation; and love how that just adds another resolution to the list. 


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