break a leg but catch a star first

24 hours from now I will have accomplished one of my new year's resolutions to sing in front of a live audience. A live willing audience, as opposed to say an inebriated karaoke-enamored one. It's an exciting idea to realize, and I am both filled with anticipation and anxiety; am thrilled yet hesitant. I find myself typing these words when I should be sleeping, and yet it is as if someone else were sharing this with you instead of me. I have that slightly disoriented, outside of myself feeling.


The idea was suggested on a weekend getaway with the girls. My co-worker and friend, Maryse planted the seed when she challenged me to participate in the annual talent show at our company's sales conference. Last year I had entertained the idea but couldn't quite work up the nerve. Maryse and Claire (who's birthday we were celebrating that weekend) were both encouraging and I promised to give it some serious thought. 

A few days after our return from Beantown, the invitation to Accelerate 2012 arrived via email. As I sat down to fill out the submission form, I remembered the promise I made myself last summer and decided to commit to performing at AOL's Got Talent, a short four weeks away. 

Twenty-eight days isn't a whole lot of time to prepare especially with Christmas and New Year obligations just around the corner. I gave myself an ambitious goal: find a vocal coach before the holidays. I had been collecting recommendations for a coach for awhile and reached out to 2-3 with high hopes. I wasn't certain what kind of options would present themselves, but then the universe delivered and within a few days I had a lesson scheduled with coach Matthew Deming

The first lesson was on December 21st. The song I had chosen was a loftier goal, a piece I had seen performed at a recent charity benefit. Together we worked on the arrangement and Matt's expertise was invaluable as we determined the best key for me to sing the finished piece. I practiced in between our lessons using the Garage Band program on my Mac (and when I seriously have more time I need to plant myself at the Genius Bar and really learn how to use the program). 

My last lesson was on Wednesday, January 18th. I brought my friend Aimee to play the part as an impartial audience. My voice had made significant improvements in 4 weeks, now I just had to work on my presence. An integral part of the performance (and any story we tell) is connecting with the audience, it was time for me to share my story through song. 
(...to be continued...)
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