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Wine, the color of blackberries, one sip alone can level a perspective. There is nothing better than a glass of fine wine on a winter afternoon to put one’s soul at ease. It is Sunday, the 8th of January. The city is surprisingly quiet, the traffic minimal, the parking free.  I never know what to expect on the weekends, and am more than willing to cough up the money to park—as it is worth not having to deal with the frustration of slow and at times inoperable subway lines.

Early dinner at Antica Venezia, serving a regional Italian with ample selections of i primi and secondi piatti with i contorni. They serve complimentary bruschetta, Parmesan cheese and fried zucchini (with your bread basked for those who cannot live without) as you wait for your meal.

The last time I dined here was some time in the mid-2000s, when i penguini were still intact. It is as I remember it, with Italian nationals, who have chosen a career in the hospitality industry; where every man is a signor, every woman una principessa—where the art of attentiveness is still practiced. It’s a lovely restaurant, a bit out of the way for most I suppose but you can’t beat the location, on the corner of West Street and West 10th street, with an unobstructed view of the river park (providing traffic is clear). It’s a perfect off the beaten place to feel the nearby sun, to watch the sunset.

Today’s supper consists of a fresh mozzarella salad with roasted peppers, tomatoes and Portabello mushrooms. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms—their flavor is too bland for my palate; peppers on the other hand are delightful—and today’s bufala is a pleasant complement. I’ve ordered capellini vongole in a white wine sauce as my main entrĂ©e. 


Time is a moving target and it’s amazing to me that as fast as it is moving, I still feel young. Perhaps it is because I don’t allow myself time to think about age and its place in my life, because I keep myself moving toward the magic of self-accomplishment.  I hope I never lose that.

One of the ways I’ve been keeping myself in check is acknowledging the new behavior in New Year’s resolutions. If even just to keep myself invested, I tweet and post on Facebook when I’m acting them out loud:

#1 Embrace your inner child: Visit a zoo, act silly, laugh out loud.
#2 Write more, more often: check out http://bkgardenapt.blogger.om 
#3 Pursue that which touches your heart most: music, singing to be exact. I started lessons with Matt Deming late last year. 
#4 Listen to your body: take a break if you need it (i.e., last night I clocked 11 hrs sleep).
#5 If it’s weighing you down, chuck it: Long hair isn’t forever for everyone, I realized that after my trip to Memphis and on a whim chopped off 5” on Thursday night. Just. Like. That.
#6 Discover new music in my own city: Shamarr Allen and the Underdawgs - @ Brooklyn Bowl last night for the Export NOLA festival. Definitely worth checking out.
#7 Be bold, face your fears:  One of mine, singing in front of a live audience (that is not at a karaoke bar) will be realized later this month down in Maryland.  I accepted a friend/co-worker’s challenge to compete in the AOL’s Got Talent show.
#8 Be miserly with your time, spend it wisely, whether that be with a good friend: Claudia and I met for brunch at BoutiqueEat Shop yesterday to catch up on the comings and goings of life, and ended up strolling around lower Chelsea enjoying the good weather and company; or treating yourself to alone time: an afternoon retreat reading on the couch with the cat, or a one-off meal at a favorite bistro, whatever allows you to replenish your soul.#9 Resolutions are ongoing, stay tuned for additions to the list…
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