Promise to self

If we cannot be true to ourselves, then how we can be true to others. 

Today I embrace who I am, and encourage you to do the same.

I promise to: 
be true to myself, living life consciously, practicing the Golden rule.
be less fearful and more courageous, to trust my own judgement.
believe in myself, my abilities and my craft.
not be afraid to stand by my thoughts, convictions, beliefs and actions.
put myself first and acknowledge openly when I, or another, have been wronged.
act with maturity and grace in times of confrontation and conflict in hopes that I can be a proper role model for those around me.

What I won't do is make any promises that I can't keep myself.

I ask that you:
refrain from judging me because we think differently.
refrain from criticizing me for not living up to your expectations.
understand when I choose to listen to my own voice and heart rather than take your advice.
show courtesy to the woman I have become by coming to me directly to voice a concern.

I have walked this earth listening to the beat of my own drummer. 

I am proud of who I am today, and look forward to the woman I have yet to become.
I only ask that you accept me for me.

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