Serendipitously Moonlight Soiree

Last night was the 10th annual moonlight soiree, and I'm happy to report that the rain held. The evening sported a refreshingly cool breeze and amid the sparkling lights the garden was in full bloom. 

I host 1-2 events each year, one in the summer and the other alternating between spring and fall. I know for some of my friends, the city dwellers, it's  one of the few green spaces they experience (that's not public, i.e. Central Park) and I have to agree that it's a killer backyard with a good mix of concrete and grass. Over the years I've attempted to cultivate the greenery, and this year the yard was abloom with lavender and wild flowers, a bumpy grassy knoll, and a bursting berry tree  (which by the way attracts birds of every color in the early morning hours).  Even the walkway, as you can see at right, came to life with blooming black-eyed-susans and brought a ray of sunshine to the vintage slates. The front yard still needs work, a bit bare since the monstrous Grinch-tree was cut down but at least the wildflowers are thriving in its memory.

When I first hosted the moonlight soiree (c. 2002) my intentions were simple: throw a kick-ass summer celebration with friends. It has evolved over the years to include friends of friends, and strangers--namely the random people I've met the year before. That might seem a little crazy, inviting people I barely know to my home but I honestly believe that every genuine connection brings together people you were destined to meet. Serendipity, synchronicity, call it what you will but I've always believed that every person we meet, we meet for a reason. 

What should it matter how people meet? The soiree is my way of bringing all these people together in the hope that they too might make a connection. Connections fielded through lively conversations, where new friendships are forged, old ones rekindled and new lives intertwined.  Sometimes the most unconventional beginnings create the best stories -- and its by sharing those memorable moments with friends and strangers that breathes new life into each and every one of us.

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