Dragons (in progress)

A fictional work in progress, written using the Fibonacci Sequence:

I dreamt,
of both again.
When I asked about it.
Her eyes blinked, and gave me my answer.
I should have known that her silent eyes would reveal a telling message.
Although it’s been many moons since the dragon has made an appearance, the mystery still persists.  The creature haunts us all.
Legend tells of a time where we could not breathe without the fire of the dragons. And I can't help but wonder how we have survived this long without any contact, without any sign. 
I remember mother and father sharing stories from their youth, stories of dragons and fire, magic and brimstone, honor and faith. Their stories seem unreal to me, to us all. My generation cannot fathom a time and place without fear and darkness, we often walk in the light to deter the evil lurking in shadows.

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