Going to the Carolinas

8am Sunday, 10.28.12

Early Sunday morning, the hotel room is as dark as night, a sliver of light peeking from just behind the curtain shielding the sliding doors. It has been a restless sleep filled with weird colorful dreams that are hazily psychedelic now. I'm stirring, but my body aches, the soft mattress offering little to no support after a long day of travel.

Yesterday we leisurely drove south from the Northeast on our way to North Carolina. My first long road trip in the Red Chariot. We met up in Newark, and after a harrowing experience of parking lot roulette found ourselves on the turnpike, and on our journey south. We made it to the car ferry in Cape May with an hour to spare, even after a slight traffic diversion (thanks to a lively albeit distracting conversation). The voyage was mild in comparison to Montserrat, and given that we were heading toward a hurricane I think we can safely say, so far that we are doing ok time wise (though George may differ on that).

As of last night Sandy was classified as a tropical cyclone. We've been fortunate in that so far the weather has behaved. It's been windy, rainy but nothing too out of ordinary, yet.

In an hour or so we will make our way to see the Chincoteague ponies, and then travel onward to the Carolinas, and with that, we shall see what the new day brings.

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