Kings and Queens of Enfield

We've been treated like kings and queens, sleeping in, decadent breakfasts, experimenting with whatever's in the kitchen for dinner. Touring about and then crazy nonsense eating corn crab chowder at midnight (followed by the most amazing dazzle berry pie). Every morning there is a three-course meal starting with yogurt, then grapefruit and ending with frittata & sausage, all sourced from the local dairies and farms. We are living the truth of farm to table. 

Tuesday brought a special day, learning about the Whitaker's one of the oldest standing families in the region. We then visited a secret cider house in the making, took a tour of their facilities and tasted their recent harvest of cider champagne. After a short nap (all that cider went straight to our heads), we suited up and went to The Lodge at Roanoke Valley (housed in a former Masonic lodge) to attend the town art fair and auction. Dinner afterwards featured heaping plates of chicken jalfrezi. And then we ended the night with a raucous game of Left Right Center (great idea for holiday gifts). 

A sampling of food:
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