Wednesday in Raleigh

11am, Thursday, November 1

Thursday morning, the sun is finally out in full force. It feels so good against my skin that I'm not even bothered by the yellow jackets circling my coffee. Last night was Bellamy Manor's annual Halloween party, and the town of Enfield and those from surrounding areas celebrated in style with the most creative costumes, truly embracing the spirit of Halloween. From Howard Stern to a Cinderella vignette of story characters come to life (fairy godmother, witch, Cinderella pre-ball), the dirty old man flasher to Mario & Luigi and an Italian gladiator, the gang was all there.  

Claudia and I dressed up as Mystics reading tea leaves and using technology to foresee the futue.We picked up Venetian masks and scarves (and did some early Christmas shopping too) at Cost Plus World Market in Raleigh after dropping George at the airport.  I had tried to coordinate time to meet up with a childhood friend and when that didn't work out, we found ourselves in downtown Raleigh looking for Artspace and the City Market (which turned out to be a restaurant only open on Sundays), so we stopped for lunch at The Busy Bee Cafe, a microbrewery on South Wilmington. We made it back to Enfield in time to take a short nap before joining the party downstairs, where we danced to the wee hours of the morning to a fantastic R&B band The Rhythm Express. 
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