News trickles in...

8am, Tuesday 10/30/12

Early morning, a blue sky is muscling its way through the remnant gray clouds to bring us a new day. Quiet, solitude, sleeping in; my eyes flutter awake to the soft coo of a text message pushed to my phone. I sent an email late last night to loved ones in New York, to check in and make sure they were okay, weathering through the superstorm. A third of the city responses trickled in with the worst reports of lost power and lack of internet access. A friend in Yankee Lake lost her car, and part of the house due to a fallen tree, but no one was hurt. The most troubling news came from the explosion of transformers and the resulting fires spreading throughout the shore areas of Queens very near the beach area that I frequent.

This is the second year in a row that I've missed a freak storm in New York. Last year i was in Toronto when it snowed, this year in the South during a hurricane. The juxtaposition of my location to the weather patterns of the places I've visited versus the place where I live is uncanny. I've never lived anywhere else (save the four years of college in Po'town) but New York City, and if I wasa true  believer of signs I might take this as one.

Scanning through my work email briefly, offices on the Eastern seaboard are closed. The Facebook updates are trickling in as well--it seems the worst of it is over, and judging from the posts there will be reparations of varying degrees for many. I'll need to check in on Dad later this morning, and my brother (who was grounded in Chicago last night) and family later today. I don't have any sixth sense about my six degrees, so I can only hope you are all safe. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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