Prayers for home

12am, Tuesday 10.30.12

Snug as a bug in a four poster iron bed. The rat-a-tat patter of rain on a red tin roof. Floor to ceiling windows with 12-panes each look out into night, as it should be, silent and absent of flourescent street lights. A small pleasure for me, but also a frightful experience this evening for those back home. Home to that city that never sleeps, where an uninvited guest named Sandy wreaked havoc.

Being so far from the epicenter, it's hard to determine the reality of the news from the media's coverage (and sad attempts at securing ratings). As @ClaraJeffery shared earlier today, "Watching TV coverage of disasters you're handicapped by TV's priorities. ie: they're replaying better lit shots from much earler in the day."

Social media has been helpful in keeping abreast of F&F's whereabouts with shared tweets, photos and statuses posted on Facebook and Instagram, updates from the Tri-state NY area affected by Sandy. I feel somewhat more informed and slightly less anxious but the trickling in of news about power outages to blackouts, flooding to folks stranded, and now fires rampaging through the beach areas. It makes me wish I was closer to home.

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