Sweet Potato Moon

Midnight, 11/2-11/3

Exhausted, dusty. We've just returned from a nighttime escapade, star-gazing in a field,  harvesting sweet potatoes. The most beautiful night sky filled with twinkling stars, the perfect backdrop for pointing out constellations: the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion the hunter and the planet Jupiter. 

The perfect end to a girls day that started out with hiking along the Canal at Roanoke River and antiquing at the Riverside Mills in Weldon. We met the most lovely genuine and friendly people at Riverside Mills and although we had a late start it was a fun hunt and disovery amid the stalls in the antique mall. Claudia found baking supplies and I finally found a velvet lined box to store flatware. We had such a lovely time that we plan to return in the morning to finish our expedition. 

Suzy directed us to On the Square, a restaurant in Tarboro where we had a gourmet meal and a lovely syrah from the Andrew Murray winery in California. 
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