random acts of kindness...

it starts with an idea (on Christmas Eve day), in a season where kindness should be normal and unexpected. it takes extra effort (because much like Rome kindness built over time has more staying power) but the euphoria from the spontaneity is like mixing faerie dust and a cold, contagiously spreading happiness. imagine if happiness could replace the flu (apparently the season's worst strains in the 10 years) outbreak....

26 random acts of kindness  *a work in progress

#26actsofkindness #12 

#26actsofkindness #11

#26actsofkindness #10 

#26actsofkindness #9 

#26actsofkindness #8

#26actsofkindness #7 Exercising patience and calmly explaining why I was randomly paying for the car behind me to my father--this was a bit self-serving I realize but it takes a lot to not get frustrated when talking to dad these days. (Note: Acts of kindness shouldn't be randomly given to our immediate loved ones, in reality they should be doled out with intention but sometimes and with some people it takes effort. The effort is the gift that keeps on giving.)

#26actsofkindness #6 Paying for the car behind me at the Whitestone Bridge crossing
(when things go awry : http://www.mta.info/bandt/traffic/btmain.html#cars 

#26actsofkindness #5 Trickle effect, in attempting to fulfill #4, the restaurant realized a mistake in their take out order and promised a free delivery once it was fulfilled correctly

#26actsofkindness #4 Offering a ride home to a stranger where we dined for dinner  

#26actsofkindness #3 Paying a portion of an order of pastries for the man and son in front of me in line at Villabate

#26actsofkindness #2 handing out quarters to those patrons in line for Christmas treats so they can pay their parking meter

#26actsofkindness #1 providing secret santa gifts for children in need

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