sojourn in San Antonio

flight travel at night, where one arrives in time to sleep, has me disoriented. I'm not certain what day is or frankly what time it is. all I know is that my plans to escape the city for a few days to visit with friends in a warm sunny place called San Antonio, with an explorative discovery in Austin--the 13th most populous city in the US known for its live music and barbecue are underway.

I checked the weather ahead of time, duly excited to see a high of 70 on one day, mid-60s the rest of the week (and not so excited to see a Fire Weather Watch warning folks to be mindful of lighting outside for potential high winds could devastate the landscape and surrounding areas) I have arrived to find myself in the midst of a cold spell, and am silently cursing myself for not bringing warmer layers. It seems every trip is a learning experience where I rethink the basics of what to pack next time.

Early morning coffee with Kim and Bella; Kim has graciously offered me the use of her car during my stay. A godsend for someone used to the mainstay of public transport, a luxury nowhere to be found under the blue skies of San Antonio, Texas.

San Antonio, much like Raleigh-Durham sprawls across city and suburbia. The downtown area, home to most of the attractions, is about the size I had expected, quaint. I imagine a different scene in the spring with flowers blooming and a warm wind lingering, but this crisp winter air encourages a quick step and more interior jaunts.

The Alamo, the infamous sieged mission that played such a large part in the Battle of the Bulge was, well truthfully, underwhelming. I took a few photos and had intentions to visit the interior of the shrine but by the time I strolled around the grounds the line was extensive and it had started to drizzle. I opted to make passage to the Tower of Americas via the River Walk, a pleasant sojourn surprisingly empty of foot traffic given the population of tourists. Every one else seems to prefer shivering on the riverboats, Starbucks cup in hand, as they make their way down the banks of the San Antonio. 

As I travel along the river walk, I spot signs for The Lonesome Dove & Grotto, and excited to come across a hidden landmark only to be sadly disappointed. Apparently not all signs refer to famous places. A walk through Hensman Park proves artistic with its selection of modern art sculptures and soon enough I am on the elevator to the Tower of the Americas  which offers an expansive view of the San Antonio epicenter and surrounding areas. A hearty lunch of Gulf Coast sea cakes & chicken tortilla calda follows at local eatery Budros' located on the river. 

I make my way back to the car--lost for awhile looking for the Central Parking System lot (of which there are many) where I parked, and then make my way back to Kim's place.  

Tomorrow afternoon I venture to Austin...excited for a solo adventure in a musical city. 

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