no use fighting sleep

My mind is tired, and after sacrificing a sunny Saturday for sleep, its really no big surprise. I feel a little guilty for not getting to the laundry list of items on my to do list, but sometimes your body acts out unconsciously, forcing you to do what is absolutely needed. For me that was sleep, and writing, a little photographic endeavor, and if the humming counts, singing practice, too.

Saturdays are meant for sleeping in and that I did despite a late night cup of coffee. The night before I gathered with the Swiss Miss, the Scotsman, the Brazilian and the Moldavian pianist for a lazy evening at Alfama. It was a Restaurant Week offering, and the menu featured traditional Portuguese dishes. We had a cozy table in the back and the evening was a pleasant, peaceful way to embrace the end of a work and week and our first snowfall.

At the close of our meal, I ordered a cup of coffee (brown vs. an espresso), and a debate erupted on whether or not sleep would come easy.  But never fear my friends, the lull of the train on the commute home provided the perfect precursor to sleep once I got home. First dozing off on the couch, then fully clothed on the bed. Obviously my body is fighting something, armed with the antibodies of the flu shot, it may very well fortify itself against this intruder...it just needs me to be asleep for any effort to be successful.

And so I have slipped in and out of sleep 4x today. First at 7:30am, stirred by a venomous vignette. Abruptly at 10:30am, by the scraping of a metal shovel scooping snow off cold concrete.  Then again at noon, the calling of my name by my father's timber coo. I was up for awhile then, cleaning up the kitchen, noting new ideas and things to do on the chalkboard. I treated the stainless steel of the kitchen sink and checked on the leak (I need to replace the basket connecting the sink to the drain pipe); ended up washing pots in the tub while running a load in the dishwasher.  Then I made ricotta pancakes with chocolate chips for brunch and had a cup of coffee.

Next I downloaded Mon Frite's family photos from my 2009 trip, and shared them via dropbox. I also downloaded the audio version of the Dalai Lama's Beyond Religion and synced it to my Kindle,  deciding that the Paperwhite should have my fiction/audio selections and my iPad reader app the non-fiction/business books. Settling in on the couch, surrounded by books, a journal, a pen and folders full of planning docs, I felt a slight chill at my feet. I paused to grab a blanket and within 10 minutes was out cold again. That was around 3:30pm. Now it's half-past six.

This time my bladder woke me up--I'm sure we've all had those weird dreams where you have to go but are in crazy situations where it would be most inappropriate. I've not yet had the misfortune of not waking in time but I've heard that happen to a friend or two. A hot shower next an attempt at a  refresh but it hasn't seem to remove the sleepiness, and now I'm a bit hungry. Hopefully some vegetable soup will help, and if not a restful sleep until morning, god-willing, will.

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