pendulum heart swings

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each new year that I am single I vow to be more courageous when it comes to affairs of the heart. it is a challenge, partly because it's not the easiest task to undertake (especially in a city where the women outnumber the men considerably) and also because I refuse to settle (I'd much rather be alone spending time with  friends and family than with someone who's not the right match).

anyone that knows me will tell you that my being single has not been for a lack of trying. I am actively out there: taking classes, attending events, trying new things, reveling in art and music, enjoying my day to day life, taking advantage of this bright big city (and its surrounding areas) I live in. and finding like (or love) anywhere is work, it's sort of like moonlighting while having a full-time job and an active social life.

2012 was a reprieve, a hiatus if you will, and honestly a bit of a blur. i thought for certain that the last quarter (yes I went from thinking in semesters, to thinking in quarters) would definitely close without a beacon in sight. And then December came around, and I could 'feel' something shifting. First it was the holiday parties, one at The Cutting Room where I had a handful of complementary conversations, an offer for a home-cooked risotto dinner and several requests fro my presence at one event or another sometime in the near future. I'd like to think the attraction was the result of my winning personality, but my inner bombshell (which I'm still learning to embrace) knew that my provocative green eyes and curvy black dress contributed to the allure and the attention.

then right before the holidays at a conference in Miami, the shift took a turn in the right direction.  So there I am dining alone at a restaurant bar, my Kindle all set up with its latest fiction title when a stranger strikes up a conversation. Originally from Boston, now living in Miami, Peter lingered sharing a bottle of Prosecco and his sarcastic sense of humor in a side by side dinner conversation. It was a fantastically fun time, and even more of a pleasant surprise when he invited me out for dinner (which turned into a lunch and walking stroll of Ocean Drive) before my leaving the city.

I guess you could say my mojo was revving up for a return because I had a conversation about music and volunteering at the airport in Miami, this time with a guy from Long Island, while we both shared an outlet to charge our phones. And there were flirtations on my trip to Texas too, with the violinist of Flamenco Symphony and an acting teacher/bartender I met at the Driskill. 

Inspired by this new energy, I reinstated my account on OK Cupid and enlisted on an activity dating site called MERJ--where in a few weeks I'll be partnered with a beginner (I hope) at an  Acroyoga class. I've had 1 or 2 "let's see if there's chemistry" dates from OKC and although the time was well spent and the conversation lively, there's been no spark yet.

The closest I've come to a connection would have to be a gentleman I met at that holiday party I mentioned earlier. He was a modern day Renaissance man, a world traveler, a big thinker with a kind heart. Sexy as hell. I found myself attracted not only to his charm, wit and physique, but also to his mind--that intellectual piece is key for me. We chatted over drinks, one evening that ended all too quick a few weeks ago with plans to see each other again. And as luck would have it he's the one that has gone silent after just a few weeks of email, texts and phone calls. That's just the way it goes, in this modern age dating ritual, the pendulum swings left, then right until it finds the right time to stop.


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